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Nano cleaner is a nanofibrous filter intended for air filtration in windows or doors. It is the result of 12 years of research and development of nanofibrous membranes for air filtration. It is a product that takes full advantage of the unique properties of nanofibers – especially the ability to create barriers that prevent penetration of even the smallest of objects such as bacteria, viruses, and dust particles.

Nanofibres are formed from nonwoven fabric with a pore size of about hundreds of nanometers. No outside pollution penetrates through these pores, but oxygen molecules are able to pass without difficulty because they are so small that they pass through nanofibers is no problem.

Thus, all external pollutants such as smog, dust particles, allergens, odor, viruses, or bacteria remain trapped on the Nano cleaner, and only clean air gets inside the room. At first glace, Nano cleaner looks just like an ordinary insect screen, but unlike those, it has filtering and insulating properties. This is particularly important in desert areas where Nano cleaner allows to have an open window without cold air escaping from the room. Nano cleaner filters also have excellent light transmittance.

Nano cleaner and energy savings in buildings
Buildings consume 40 % of all electricity produced. Nano cleaner needs 0kwh of electricity to be operational and can thus contribute to achieving the Green Deal goal – to reduce energy consumption in buildings by 50 %.

Nano cleaner and the improvement of the indoor environment

The goal is to improve the indoor environment inside buildings by 30 %. Nano cleaner allows for safe ventilation through an open window without the need to invest in recuperation units.


1. Product patent – the essence of the invention resides in the composite structure – the insect screen as the base layer, the nanofibrous membrane, and the covering protective layer.
2. Manufacturing technology patent – i.e. the manufacturing process of how the product is manufactured.

Both patents are proof of the product’s complete uniqueness and at the same time, they protect the unique 20-year know-how, which no one else can use.